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We are a privately owned company based in West Sussex that has been manufacturing for over 60 years. Particularly skilled in the production of short runs of highly detailed models; the materials we use are designed to simulate the consistency of the wide range of body tissues from hard bones to soft deformable or elastic tissues.


Anatomical Models

Alongside human skeleton and joint models, we also make replicas of prehistoric skulls, with the co-operation of the British & Natural History Museums; a variety of animal skulls/models and plant section models is also offered.


Medical Simulators

We offer ALS (Advanced Life Support), BLS (Basic Life Support), Crisis, Trauma, Choking and Rescue Manikins. Along with simulators covering auscultation, cricothyrotomy and airway management. These simulators can be used individually or in combination to demonstrate correct medical procedures to a number of students.


Manual Handling Models & Kits

We have various kits available to suit different budgets. Our comprehensive kit is suitable for all levels of course and allows instructors to show all elements of back problem prevention in interesting and memorable ways; including a prolapse simulator which allows both students and instructors to have a hands on approach in showing the sort of movements that may cause a herniated (slipped) disc.



We carry over 200 different charts with access to many more. These range from anatomical charts, educational charts, CPR charts, Trigger Point and Health Education Charts, both laminated and on toughened paper. In addition, we stock Chart Books and Health Booklets.


The Institute Of Anatomical Sciences

The IAS is a growing international group of Anatomy and Anatomically-related professionals dedicated to sharing knowledge, techniques and practices to ensure informed intellectual and technical expertise in the Anatomical Sciences. To find our more visit their web site: www.anatomical-sciences.org.uk


Sussex Vision


We have a sister company Sussex Vision, who manufacture and distribute optical/ophthalmic goods. Please visit their website www.sussexvision.co.uk.